Developing the Right Habits: Reading

With ever-narrowing attention spans, some hobbies might be harder to get into than others. Just look at acquiring information or knowledge today. Many people, including myself, prefer to engage in activities that are easier on our minds. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have all permeated our everyday lives, especially regarding entertainment and acquiring information. Instead of doing something productive, people in young generations watch TikTok videos while scrolling for some influencer-pushed life hack. Although there are some good things that come out of activities like that, they are not the healthiest habits to develop. There is one habit that people should develop as soon as possible: reading. Why?

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A Year of Progress?: The Best Albums of 2011

Throughout the years, bands and artists have released albums trying to push the envelope, both creatively and musically. Why would we expect anything different in 2011? While some bands continued on a relentless pace, others had to stop, reset, and restart (one or two of those bands might appear on this ranking). Yet still others took a massive creative departures from their sounds, showing both creative and personal growth. Which albums, including those with these sound departures, stood out the most in 2011? Let’s dive right on in to find out.

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Lies My Parents Told Me: No. 5

More than halfway done in this series, anyone who has read these posts so far should know that my parents told me a lot of lies. Some of these lies could have significantly harmed my career goals and aspirations. Others were toxic, with the potential to slowing eat away at me. But there are still more. This next lie might touch on some sensitive issues, but it’s a lie worth sharing as it may provide some serious insights of the world. What is it? Let’s check it out.

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Reining in a New Year and a New Decade: The Best Albums of 2010

The 2000s brought so many excellent bands, albums, and memorable moments in music. From more well-known bands like Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco to lesser known but equally talented groups like Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Transatlantic, the music world had a seismic shift. The 2010s will see yet another shift in the music landscape. Punk and alternative gave way to indie rock and pop. But what stayed the same: great bands really great music. With a new decade, it is customary to see new faces. Some of those new faces might appear on the list. Now, let’s see which albums stood out the most in 2010.

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Lies My Parents Told Me: Lie No. 4

For those who have seen the other three lies in this series, you should know by now that people will go to whatever lengths possible for put you down just to prop themselves up. We should know by now that people will lie to us. Sometimes, people tell us little white lies that they believe protect us from reality. But lies never make things better or protect us. The fourth lie in this series tried to go directly after my motivation to pursue my work passion. What is that lie? Continue reading to find out.

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A Decade in Review: The Best Albums of the Decade 2000-2009

Albums released in 2009 marked a shift in the mainstream music landscape. Some bands took hiatuses. Others revamped their lineups to reflect changes in their “lives.” A few bands release decade-defining works, while others grabbed the decade by the horns and ran with it (Rise Against, Riverside, Opeth, Chevelle). But this post is not about the bands themselves; it is about the albums. This decades’ end list looks at those albums that stood head and shoulders above all others when matched up against those from all ten years. Note that albums from one band or artist that ranked high in the respective years post will not appear on this list because this list will look at one album per band or artist. Did you favorite band or album make the list? Let’s jump in to find out.

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Lies My Parents Told Me: Lie No. 3

Over the last several years of my life, my parents have tried to undermine my successful or outright discourage my attempts to create a better situation for myself than what they had. The first two lies I have shared in this series looked at how my parents diminished my accomplishments and goals by calling me a “dime a dozen” and that I should place it safe. My parents have consistently told me a third lie designed to bring down my self-esteem. Related to the first lie in this series, my mother consistently told me this third lie as an attempt to dissuade me and build her up. What could this be lie be? Let’s find out.

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Ending on a High Note?: The Best Albums of 2009

From 2000 to 2009, several bands released amazing works. Others took awhile to find their footing. But each of these two sides of the music industry had one thing in common: they really brought it in 2009. For some of these bands, 2009 marked a turning point, an end of an era. For others, the year served as a launching pad into something more. While the music industry started to shift, the Top 10 albums on this list remained true to what they are. Now, let’s get going.

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Lies My Parents Told Me: Lie No. 2

My parents have always lived in mediocrity. My parents have worked the same jobs since before I was born. I am a law school graduate, so that should give you an idea of how long they have worked in the same job. Well over twenty years. Having observed them objectively for several years now, I know that they do what they do out of fear or complacency. This fear or complacency ties directly into the second lie my parents have told me and still tell me.

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Now We’re Getting Somewhere: The Best Albums of 2008

Music in 2008 made up for all the negativity surrounding the U.S. economy. Bands released some of their best work in 2008. Some chose to continue to build on their previous successes in earlier years (we will see some of those bands on this list). Others changed directions artistically, choosing to push the envelope. When I first compiled the albums I wanted to consider for this list, the number of great albums released surprised me. Let’s check out the top ten best albums of 2008. Let’s dive in.

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