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Underrated? Five Underrated Bands That May Surprise You

Some bands have household name recognition or cult followings despite little or no airtime on your usual FM radio. Other bands come out of nowhere to surprise you in one way or another. Whether it is a lush catalog of great songs, incredible musicianship, or an easily accessible vocalist, some bands are so good yet do not receive the recognition they deserve. This post highlights just five of bands that came out of nowhere for one or many of the previously mentioned reasons.

Thousand Foot Krutch

When you think of Canadian rock bands, names like “Rush” or “Simple Plan” come to mind, but never Thousand Foot Krutch. Unless you are fan of obscure Christian rock bands, you may not have heard of this Canadian power trio, which is a shame because these guys can truly rock. The band’s four most recent albums epitomize that. “Untraveled Road” from Inhale, “Push” from Exhale, and “Take It Out on Me” from Welcome to the Masquerade are just some examples of the band’s most accessible songs. Even their deeper cuts, like “Inhuman” from The Flame In All of Us and “New Design” from Phenomenon, showcase the band’s melodic side and originality. TFK is definitely a group that has an underrated catalog, making them a hidden gem.

While She Sleeps

Metalcore is not everyone’s cut of tea, but While She Sleeps’ brand of metalcore leaves the subgenre in good hands. This British metalcore band has quite the catalog with You Are We and SO WHAT? leading to way as their best work. Even “Four Walls” and “New World Torture” from Brainwashed absolutely slays from metal and melodic standpoints. With Sleeps Society slated to come out this year, While She Sleeps should continue to impress throughout their careers.

Courtesy of While She Sleeps and YouTube

Mutiny Within

This American progressive metal band only has three albums to their name, but each album is worth listening to. From a lyrical standpoint, Mutiny Within captures so many contemporary life problems in a way that makes the listener do a double take. Musically, each song is so crisply composed and performed. Just listen to “Circles” from Origins or “In My Veins” from Mutiny Within 2 – Synchronicity and see for yourself. This band may not have released any new material since 2017, but the music they have is so underrated and underappreciated.

Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home” made the band a household name in the earlier 2000s. Other songs like “A Favor House Atlantic” and “Dark Side of Me” kept the band recognizable during their twenty-plus-career. But this band’s entire catalog is underrated. Written in an overarching scientific-fiction narrative, most of Coheed and Cambria’s work is very conceptual. This framework makes the band’s work an interesting listen. The band’s most recent album, The Unheavenly Creatures, is such an amazing concept album with standout tracks like “All On Fire” and “Unheavenly Creatures.” For all this band’s success, their lack of recognition epitomizes how underrated they truly are.

The Raven Age

Courtesy of John McMurtrie English metal band The Raven Age opens for Iron Maiden during its Legacy Of The Beast Tour 2019 that makes a stop in Albuquerque on Sept. 19. Sun Sep 08 17:46:37 -0600 2019 1567986395 FILENAME: 1550677.jpg

From a length-of-career standpoint, The Raven Age has not been around for very long. With two albums under their belt, it is hard to say where this band’s career will go. But that does not matter because this band’s music is so good. Just their 2019 album Conspiracy showcases this band’s musical range. “Betrayal of the Mind” and “Grave of the Fireflies” are two amazing songs, which bookend a collection of great songs. Even Darkness Will Rise had great songs like “Promised Land” and “Angel in Disgrace.” The Raven Age has a bright career ahead of them. (Their live show is worth seeing too, if you are wondering.)

Courtesy of The Raven Age. Note that the band changed lead singers between Conspiracy and Darkness Will Rise.

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