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Five ways to incorporate new music into your daily playlists

How many times have you wanted to check out a band or artist but have not had the time to explore the band’s or artist’s catalog? For me, that happens on a near daily basis. There are hundreds of albums I want to check out, but just don’t have the time to do so because of my schedule or a self-imposed rule. If you are in a similar situation, here are five ways you can incorporate new music into your daily playlists.

Find a new album you want to listen to and play it on longer trips

This way is probably the most obvious one, but it really works in allowing you to listen to new music without having to schedule an actual time to listen to it. Imagine that you are traveling to a new place that will take you at least an hour to get to. Most bands’ and artists’ albums range between thirty-five and sixty minutes. Instead of waiting on a radio station to play a song that you like, be open-minded about your music tastes and just listen to a new band’s or artist’s new full-length. With a streaming service like Apple Music for example, it becomes much easier to explore new music that might impress you. Through this, you can note songs that you like and dislike and add those songs you do like to your go-to workout, productivity, cooking, or chill playlist.

Listen to the new album while you are working on a solo project at work

Contrary to the tips in my How To Create a Good Go-To Productivity Playlist, this piece of advice advocates for listening to a new album while you are working on a more tedious project at work. If you are at work and you have just received a long-term research or review project, listening to a new album can make the project more interesting. I have had this happen to me frequently. One day I was given a document review project that took relatively six hours to complete. To take some of the monotony out of the project, I found an album from a band that I had meant to check out for a while and played it while I reviewed each document. (Note that if you are a lawyer or an accountant, this strategy really helps.) Once I finished the album, I had discovered a new favorite band and a few new favorite songs that had become fixtures in my daily music playlists. “Indifferent” by Adrenaline Mob was one of those songs.

Listen to some new albums while on a run or a long walk

People will tell you that running and walking are the best forms of cardio you can do. For some, walking is the preferred option. And with the 10,000-steps-a-day idea, long walks matter. Surprisingly, those long walks provide time to do plenty of things, including listen to new music. A forty-five-minute walk alone can give you ample time to explore a new band. Most commercial albums have a runtime of about forty-two minutes. If you really want to find new music, listening to that new album you want to check out is really easy on those walk or run. I find the music option a much better way to pass the walking and running time because it feels like a soundtrack. It was applying this advice that I really grew to like Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s the Spirit album. You know, that band would did that one song with Halsey.

Listen to those albums from bands you want to check out while cooking or doing the dishes

I did this just a few weeks ago, where I discovered just how good Alter Bridge is as a band. It may seem weird and a little counterintuitive to listen to music while you are cooking, but you’d be surprised how valuable that time is. If you are preparing a dinner for you and your friends or significant other and want to focus, put your headphones on and play that new album from a new band you wanted to check out. More likely than not, you will find at least one or two songs that you like. Maybe, you will find your new favorite album. But how are you going to know for sure unless you optimize your time to discover it? This piece of advice can, and does, work wonders in allowing you time to find those new hype playlist songs.

Listen to that new album while you are going to bed

“What?! You want me to listen to a potentially heavy album while I am trying to go to bed?” Yep. That is exactly what I am recommending. If you are the type of person who gets overtired but does not want to fully go to sleep, this little nugget of advice may work for you. I have discovered several new bands and favorite songs by applying this strategy. I will admit that I was a little late to the Chevelle party by like fifteen years, but I fully appreciate how good that band is through this strategy. Sci-Fi Crimes and Vera Sera were albums that I thoroughly enjoyed, though I have not yet downloaded them to my phone. “But what if I fall asleep before the album ends?” That’s a good thing. Sleep is an important aspect of life, and listening to an album you want to check out for playlist inspiration can help in two ways: a much-needed good night’s sleep and a few new songs for your go-to playlists. If there is one album that you have to listen to fully but don’t have the time, then pick up where you left off from the night before. Once you get through the whole album, you will have likely found new music to keep you occupied for some time.

Honorable Mentions: listening to new music while shooting around on the basketball court; while playing video games; while reading; while studying; while working out (lifting weights)

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