What a Way to Up Your Style: Five Things Every Stylish Man Should Have

Haven’t you ever wondered what makes some men more stylish than others? Be honest, we have all been there. Personally, I have sat around wondering what made someone more stylish than the average person. Some men will look directly at the hair or the teeth: perfectly placed or effortlessly white. Although both of those things make someone more stylish, there are five specific things that ups a man’s style instantly. And these things are ones you do not have to break the bank to add to your wardrobe. What are they? Let’s continue on to find out.

1. A Silver Watch

One of the easiest ways to add to your style is a sleek silver watch. Everyone can check the time on their phones. But what makes some men instantly more stylish than most? That’s right, a watch. Silver watches work well with almost every color scheme you can think of. Want to class up that black tuxedo? Add an understated silver watch to the ensemble. What about a casual night out with friends? Throw on a plain colored T-shirt, your favorite jeans or khakis, and the same silver watch, and you are good to go.

The level of effort one needs to class up his wardrobe starts with that two- to three-inch space connecting your hand to your arm. Will it take some getting used to? Definitely. But once you throw on that shiny silver timepiece, you are ready to take on the world in style. Having a silver watch tells the world that you mean business and want to look your best while doing it. If you are skeptical, try it for yourself and see how much more sleek that navy suit-white shirt combo looks.

2. A Signature Pair of Sunglasses

I read somewhere that one thing separating a famous person from everyday people is a signature pair of sunglasses. How often to you see celebrities out on the town before the sun sets with a pair of shades? Not very often. Although that person might want to hide the aftereffects of a long night, he or she might actually want to create a mystique about them.

Jack Nicholson once said (and I am paraphrasing), “That without my shades, I am fat and sixty.” That statement sheds some insight into how famous people distinguish themselves from others. You cannot even see President Joe Biden without a pair of Aviator sunglasses on a clear sunny day.

Mystery creation aside, a signature pair of sunglasses can elevate even the most casual of outfits. An everyday T-shirt-shorts ensemble without a pair of sunglasses looks ordinary. But when you throw into the mix a signature pair of sunglasses, the ordinary looks more like extraordinary. Whether it is on the beach or on the street outside an office building, the perfect pair of sunglasses adds an air of elegance and style. It also gives the impression that you know what you are doing. If you have not discovered your signature pair of sunglasses yet, you are missing out.

3. A Tailored Suit in a Neutral Color

Nothing says stylish more than a tailored suit. Don’t believe me? Watch an episode of Suits or Gossip Girl and see. A tailored suit says a lot about a man: how well he takes care of himself, how he sees himself, and how he thinks. Couple a tailored suit with with a neutral color like black or navy, and you have a look straight from the glistening lights of the Met Gala or Golden Globes.

A tailored suit need not break the bank either. You can find a nicely fitted suit by talking to any sales representative in the Mens’ Dress Wear section of your favorite department store. Once you have the right fit, you can take it to your tailor to fine tune the measurements so that you, and only you, were meant to wear that suit.

Tailored suits are not just for the rich and famous. They are for the everyday man who wants to give off an impression of success and direction. The everyday man can instantly elevate his style by taking that okay-fitting suit and making it for you. Plus, a perfectly tailored suit paired with either, or both, of the two previous accessories can send loud messages about the type of man you are, and want to be. Trust me, this addition to your wardrobe will scream class and style.

4. A Quality Trench Coat

Trench coats to an untrained eye for style may conjure up images of Deep Throat and 1970s espionage. Trust me, I did just that for several years. But trench coats have immense versatility, both stylistically and functionally. Although the concept as a whole began during World War I, the trench coat has become a staple in fashion. My fiancée rocks a trench coat better than anyone I know, and she looks amazing.

Trench coats work the same way for men. Stylistically, a trench coat says two things about a man. First, you have an understanding of the weather. Second, you understand fashion. On a cold, cloudy day, a man wearing a classic black trench coat looks ten times more stylish and put-together than the man wearing the hoody-sweatshirt combo. Why? Because the trench coat gives off the impression of effortless success.

Much like the silver watch or signature pair of sunglasses, a khaki or classic black trench coat elevates an outfit. It says, “I know what I want in life, and nothing will stand in my way to get it.” Plus, trench coats are not just one size. They come in at least two sizes: one long and one medium length. Depending on your size or style preference, either one can send a clear message to the world: “I look good.”

5. A Well-Cut Solid Colored T-Shirt

Note how well this looks with a pair of black, or dark-wash jeans and a watch.

Like a tailored suit, a well-cut solid-colored T-shirt tells the world that you mean business. Well-cut T-shirts give an impression to being put together and in control. They are also stylish as hell. When we, as men, wear out-of-the-rack T-shirts, we have to make sure it fits well in three places: 1) waist; 2) chest; and 3) shoulders. Why? Those three places are the most important. A man who takes care of himself and works out will effortlessly stand out. If the shirt is too loose-fitting, then it does not send off the best message.

Additionally, solid colors have a similar effect stylistically as cut. How many times have you seen a Chris Evans, Zac Efron, or even Ryan Reynolds wear a patterned T-shirt? Not many, I bet. Why? Solids work well with just about anything and look amazing at any time of the year. A well-cut solid black T-shirt with a pair of nice sunglasses almost gives an impression of celebrity. I use black as an example because Coco Chanel popularized the color as a symbol of style.

But stylish T-shirts need not be black; they can be any other solid color that, when paired with a silver watch, really displays class. Well-cut solid-colored T-shirts work so well, and should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe, because they are an everyday go-to. When paired correctly, well-cut solid-colored T-shirts can really elevate one’s style and class.

What clothing item did I leave out? What item do you think emanates class? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “What a Way to Up Your Style: Five Things Every Stylish Man Should Have

  1. I think having ironed clothing looks smart and having tidy hair and your manners for me shows class not necessarily what you wear. But these are good points you have shared. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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    1. Thank you for including those tips. We agree that manners are important in showing class. Having tidy hair is a key, so we definitely understand that. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the post and found it valuable!

      Liked by 1 person

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