Welcome Cooler Weather: The Most Important Items Every Person Should Have for Fall and Winter

We all get giddy when the leaves change, the air grows crisper, and the temperature teases possible snowfall. Most people bring out their cozy sweaters and fashion-forward coats and jackets. But what items should we all have for this Fall and Winter seasons, and any year in generally? Great question. One I seek to answer with this post. From soft sweaters to puffy coats, everyone should have the following items in their closet or wardrobe for the coming chilly months.

A Go-To Sweater

Whether it is a cardigan or a quarter-zip, wool or cashmere, everyone should have a go-to sweater or sweater style. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and leaves on the ground, there is nothing more important than a warm sweater to help put us in the mood for the holiday season. My personal favorite style is the quarter-zip, but other styles work just as well to keep the cool breezes at bay. Add you need not break the bank going for one of these autumn and winter staples. One of my favorite sweaters came from JCPenney’s. For those with more expensive tastes, a nice cashmere sweater from Brooks Brothers, Bloomingdale’s, or even Nordstrom, will keep you warm and looking stylish through the next several months.

A Reliable Windbreaker

We are still a few weeks away from Christmas and the crispest and coldest part of the year. While the really cold weather is still a few weeks away, we still need an article to keep us from feeling a chill from the autumn breeze. Enter the windbreaker. A reliable windbreaker can either deflect any cool breeze or repel any drizzle or downpour during autumn or not-as-cold winter days. The windbreaker makes a big difference when we want to go out. With vaccines and boosters, people are going out more. And since the weather has not cooled off entirely, a good windbreaker will help tremendously as we enjoy these waning November days.

A Classic Trench Coat

Since World War I, there has not been a more versatile and reliable piece than the trench coat. Whether it is Burberry, Michael Kors, or Coach, a classic trench coat can and will deflect the chilling elements as we get closer to the winter months. Like the windbreaker, trench coats can repel any precipitation while it is frigid outside. But unlike the windbreaker, the trench coat provides a stylish statement during the year’s colder months. It also says, “I am on a mission, am successful, and mean business.” That is a statement that we should all want to send to the world. If you want to style your trench coat to your sweaters, pants, or other outfit, different colors provide more options and more opportunities to look your best while you are out this Fall and Winter.

A Sleek Puffer Coat or Parka

For those in areas already experiencing snow and frigid temperatures, like Michigan and the other Midwestern states, a sleek puffer coat or parka will go a long way. Even for those in areas who have yet to experience snow or frigid temperatures, it will serve you well to have a go-to sleek puffer coat or parka. On the East Coast, temperatures are starting to drop, indicating that the holiday season and colder weather is here. Just last night, I wore my black puffer coat, which not only kept me warm but looked stylish when I went out. And you do not have to break the bank for a good puffer coat. Plus, you might need one for when any form of snow comes your way.

A Stylish Peacoat

For those of you looking for a stylish coat option for a semi-casual outing with friends or family, the peacoat is the way to go. With its thick wool and timeless design, the peacoat makes an instant impression as a functional and stylish piece. Everyone should have a peacoat for those extremely cold days and nights, where even the slightest breeze can send a shiver down your body. For the more fashion-forward people, two or three different colors can provide excellent options based on your given mood. For example, I wear my black peacoat when I wear either a black or charcoal suit, but a navy one when I wear a navy suit. Regardless of your personal style, a peacoat provides an excellent option for braving those sunny yet frigid days or clear but frosty nights.

A Pair of Leather Gloves

While knit or polyester gloves work those casual outings or snowball fights, the leather glove completes that elegant look. Whether cashmere- or wool-lined, a pair of leather gloves says almost the same thing as a classic black trench coat: “I am successful, on a mission, and mean business.” If you have seen the USA Channel’s marquee show, Suits, main character Harvey Specter and villainous side character Charles Forstman are wearing pairs of leather gloves. If you know anything about Suits, both men usually mean business. Aside from their stylish look, a great pair of leather gloves keep your hands warm and protects them from the frigid winter air. Anyone can get a good pair at Macy’s for like $26.

A Good Scarf

The final accessory everyone should have for this coming winter season is a good scarf. Regardless of your taste and expense level, a good wool or silk scarf is a great investment to keep your neck warm this year. For many of us, last year felt like a lost year: very little to no holiday outings, no snow, and no real need to go out. But this year is different. We are going out more, including during the colder months like late December and January, February, and early March. To shield our necks from those biting winter winds, we need a good scarf. Personally, I enjoy my London Fog knit scarf, and I highly recommend that everyone have a good scarf for this year and later years.

Let me know if we left off a crucial article of clothing or accessory that you cannot live without during these fall and winter months.

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