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About Us

Meet Rocking Specter.

Several people comprise Rocking Specter. We are creatives and professionals who have a clear goal. When we thought about creating this blog, we originally wanted it to be a way for us to connect with both old and new music. But since its inception, the blog has taken on a deeper meaning and gone in a totally different direction. We started Rocking Specter as a way for us to help others and provide as provide as much valuable content that our readers have more enriched lives.

Rocking Specter has the distinct vision of enriching people’s lives in one of many respects. Whether it is exposing them to new music, giving them alternative ways to achieve their fitness goals, highlights the world’s asymmetries and inspire real action, or just help people enhance their wardrobe, Rocking Specter wants to open the world’s minds to the distinct opportunities and motivations that exist.

We seek to help people enhance their lives and make them think about things differently by publishing blog posts, sharing books and other interesting things via Instagram, and planting seeds of inspiration through Twitter and Facebook. Each post, picture, Tweet, and recommendation seeks to provoke thought and dialogue; it just happens that Rocking Specter uses a blog format to achieve our goal of helping as people as possible enhance their lives.

We invite our readers to join us on our journey. Let’s get Rocking!

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