Why Your Reputation Is One of the Most Important Assets You Can Have

We have seen a lot of people choose shortcuts, ignorance, and surface-level understanding instead of putting in the work necessary to achieve their goals. We have seen people try to use get-rich-quick schemes to short-circuit wealth creation, lawyers rely entirely on the court to remind them of their cases, and family members regurgitate soundbites instead of thinking critically about specific topics. What all these observations have shown us is that people disregard their reputation and credibility in favor of cognitive ease and short-term treatments to issues requiring long-term consideration and implementation. This post highlights one of the most important assets you can have in life: your reputation. Now, without further ado, let’s drive right on in.

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Seven Things You Should Buy That Are Worth the Investment

By now, you have seen a variety of topics from us ranging from music, fashion, success, and finance. This post takes all these topics and combines them. We would like to focus on things that you can spend your money on that will actually pay dividends in the long run. We recently read two books that got us thinking about the short-term/long-term dichotomy and consumer goods worth “investing” in. All in all, we settled on seven items that you can, and should, buy that will be worth their money and pay dividends over time. What could they be? Let’s find out right now.

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Five Motivational Quotes to Live By

Motivation and inspiration come in spurts and intermittently, respectively. We experienced this quite a lot in 2022. But we have found that motivation and inspiration come a lot easier when you have some select quotes or phrases at your disposal. Since we were in graduate school, we relied on a few select TV series to motivate and inspire us to take on the world. Even, one of our closest friends, a lawyer in the D.C. metro area, watches Suits whenever he needs an extra push. After reading The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, we started thinking about some of the most powerful quotes that motivate and inspire us. We chose the five most motivational and inspirational. Now, without further ado, let’s check them out.

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Seven Incredibly Simple Daily Habits That Can Improve Your Life

When you wake up, you do one of the following three things: 1) look at your phone’; 2) go to the bathroom; or 3) make a cup of coffee or have breakfast. Whether you do one of these three things in the morning now, you have done them at some point in your life. We still make coffee shortly after waking up since it gives us the extra punch we need to get through the day. But there are some habits you can implement in your life that will dramatically improve at least one aspect of your life. We have highlighted seven daily habits that you can implement as soon as today or tomorrow that can, and will, improve your life. What are they? Let’s find out.

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The Six Most Valuable Skills You Can Have To Be Successful

We always hear that to be successful, you have to do this thing or know that person. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That phrase might be true, but it overlooks some fundamentals that underscore it. Most successful people have developed a collection of the skills in this post or have any one of several combinations of them. But the bottom line is that you must have, or develop, certain skills to achieve the outcomes you want. What are those skills? Let’s dive in to find out.

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Status Check: The Five Best Books We Have Read So Far in 2022

Disruption is a natural part of life, one that one can complain about or embrace as a challenge to grow. Around November 2020, we did not know what to do with ourselves with all the free time that the COVID-19 pandemic gave us. While we worked, went to law school, and maintained our extracurricular activities remotely (which ate up a good chunk of our time), we felt an itch that needed scratching. That itch was continued education, which we scratched with reading. Over the past year and a half, we have nearly one hundred books in several genres: nonfiction, biographical, psychology, finance/entrepreneurship, business, etc. In 2022, we continued reading and have read new books and ones we read before. This post lists the five best books we have read so far this year. Let’s check them out.

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Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Destroying Your Mental Health

Last month, we noticed several people releasing posts on comparisons. Those posts were good and even helpful, but that got us thinking about our own experiences with our peers, social media, and our life trajectories. Have you ever noticed a friend on Instagram who is living it up in Dubai or a recent career update of someone with whom you went to high school, college, or graduate school, or worked? They are everywhere, and it can cause a spite like, a rage scroll, or a fear that you are spinning your wheels to nowhere. This post addresses that and goes so far to say to say that comparing yourself to others in destroying you in the most fundamental ways. Interested? Let’s dive into this must-read post.

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Does Someone Have Your Back?: Loyalty and Why It Matters

We recently experienced a disappointment from a close friend who we thought was better. This disappointment, and an episode of Suits, got us thinking about loyalty. Has it disappeared? Does it really matter? To whom do we entrust our loyalty? These are fundamental questions that we want to answer in this post. This post will not rehash things we discussed in our post on trust, but we will allude to some of those thoughts. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

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Open-mindedness: Lack of Prominence Despite Its Importance

Over the last few months, we have observed and heard about several instances where a close-minded person has caused more harm than good. Whether it was personally, societally, or professionally, we recognized that most people are close-minded. As discouraging as that sounds, we would like to focus on its inverse: open-mindedness. This post will focus on why being open-minded is important, why most people lack it, and what can we do about that.

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Encouraging Growth: Personal and Professional Self-Improvement

Over the last few months, we have frequently contemplated the role of growth in achieving success and living a fulfilling life. To achieve anything in life, one must be honest with themselves and develop a strategy. Growth is imperative. Recently, we have grappled with a tension between our ambitions and certain people’s expectations of us. We have constantly heard that we have changed, making people who knew us before the last seven years perceive us as completely different, unrecognizable people. Our recent contemplations on the subject prompted this post. Let’s check it out.

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