Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Today

Recently, we had an epiphany about inspiration, work, and creativity. We discovered that you should capitalize on inspiration in the moment because you might not remember what inspired you or why you felt a particular way later on in the day, week, month, or year. That got us thinking about some video titles we sawContinue reading “Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Today”

Why Your Reputation Is One of the Most Important Assets You Can Have

We have seen a lot of people choose shortcuts, ignorance, and surface-level understanding instead of putting in the work necessary to achieve their goals. We have seen people try to use get-rich-quick schemes to short-circuit wealth creation, lawyers rely entirely on the court to remind them of their cases, and family members regurgitate soundbites insteadContinue reading “Why Your Reputation Is One of the Most Important Assets You Can Have”

Five Motivational Quotes to Live By

Motivation and inspiration come in spurts and intermittently, respectively. We experienced this quite a lot in 2022. But we have found that motivation and inspiration come a lot easier when you have some select quotes or phrases at your disposal. Since we were in graduate school, we relied on a few select TV series toContinue reading “Five Motivational Quotes to Live By”

Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Destroying Your Mental Health

Last month, we noticed several people releasing posts on comparisons. Those posts were good and even helpful, but that got us thinking about our own experiences with our peers, social media, and our life trajectories. Have you ever noticed a friend on Instagram who is living it up in Dubai or a recent career updateContinue reading “Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Destroying Your Mental Health”

Open-mindedness: Lack of Prominence Despite Its Importance

Over the last few months, we have observed and heard about several instances where a close-minded person has caused more harm than good. Whether it was personally, societally, or professionally, we recognized that most people are close-minded. As discouraging as that sounds, we would like to focus on its inverse: open-mindedness. This post will focusContinue reading “Open-mindedness: Lack of Prominence Despite Its Importance”

Encouraging Growth: Personal and Professional Self-Improvement

Over the last few months, we have frequently contemplated the role of growth in achieving success and living a fulfilling life. To achieve anything in life, one must be honest with themselves and develop a strategy. Growth is imperative. Recently, we have grappled with a tension between our ambitions and certain people’s expectations of us.Continue reading “Encouraging Growth: Personal and Professional Self-Improvement”

Five Common Misconceptions People Have about Life

We have preconceived notions about how things should be and how the world works. Whether that is the common adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or complex practices like meditation or intermittent fasting, there is something that might be irrefutable fact. But not everything is irrefutable fact. Nor is everything as debatableContinue reading “Five Common Misconceptions People Have about Life”

Music as a Motivator: Three Song Lyrics That Will Set You Up for Success

We all have a hype playlist, a “Get Shit Done” playlist, and a go-to music genre we go to when we need to get real work done. That music might be in the background, but the lyrics or riffs can motivate us to go one step further with any project or perspective. We recently listenedContinue reading “Music as a Motivator: Three Song Lyrics That Will Set You Up for Success”

Aha Moments: Five Places to Visit for Inspiration

Since we started this blog, we have focused on music, style and fashion, success, wellness, education, and fitness. We have never ventured into the realm of travel, until now. While inspiration can come in those surroundings most familiar to you, we understand that fresh experiences influences new perspectives. Whether personally or professionally, a trip somewhereContinue reading “Aha Moments: Five Places to Visit for Inspiration”

New Post: Achievement when Only a Few People Support You

We have all been there. We seek to accomplish a particular goal only to have some of the closest people in our lives shoot down the idea. You are probably nodding your head right now just thinking the time a close friend or relative did that exact thing. It happens, and many people take thoseContinue reading “New Post: Achievement when Only a Few People Support You”

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