Learning to Ignore Negativity: How to Do It

We have all had those moments when someone says something that just sticks with you for better or for worse. We recently experienced a similar situation. Someone says something that makes us uneasy and, sooner or later, we start to obsess about it. The obsession relates entirely to negativity and allowing someone else to liveContinue reading “Learning to Ignore Negativity: How to Do It”

Does Someone Have Your Back?: Loyalty and Why It Matters

We recently experienced a disappointment from a close friend who we thought was better. This disappointment, and an episode of Suits, got us thinking about loyalty. Has it disappeared? Does it really matter? To whom do we entrust our loyalty? These are fundamental questions that we want to answer in this post. This post willContinue reading “Does Someone Have Your Back?: Loyalty and Why It Matters”

Encouraging Growth: Personal and Professional Self-Improvement

Over the last few months, we have frequently contemplated the role of growth in achieving success and living a fulfilling life. To achieve anything in life, one must be honest with themselves and develop a strategy. Growth is imperative. Recently, we have grappled with a tension between our ambitions and certain people’s expectations of us.Continue reading “Encouraging Growth: Personal and Professional Self-Improvement”

Lasting Forever: The Five Things We Take for Granted

Several months ago, we tweeted that there are five things that we all take for granted in this world. While it is easy to go about each day with the belief that things will stay the same or always be there, we often lose sight of what’s truly important. Every person is different, but thoseContinue reading “Lasting Forever: The Five Things We Take for Granted”

Let’s Be Reasonable: Five Things You Should Always Remove Emotion From

How many times have we needed to make a tough decision or deal with something generally unpleasant? A lot. We generally let our emotions take a hold of and drive us to react instead of actually acting prudently. Our amygdala hijacks our decision making and does not let go. This type of emotionally driven decisionContinue reading “Let’s Be Reasonable: Five Things You Should Always Remove Emotion From”

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