Learning to Ignore Negativity: How to Do It

We have all had those moments when someone says something that just sticks with you for better or for worse. We recently experienced a similar situation. Someone says something that makes us uneasy and, sooner or later, we start to obsess about it. The obsession relates entirely to negativity and allowing someone else to liveContinue reading “Learning to Ignore Negativity: How to Do It”

Why Your Reputation Is One of the Most Important Assets You Can Have

We have seen a lot of people choose shortcuts, ignorance, and surface-level understanding instead of putting in the work necessary to achieve their goals. We have seen people try to use get-rich-quick schemes to short-circuit wealth creation, lawyers rely entirely on the court to remind them of their cases, and family members regurgitate soundbites insteadContinue reading “Why Your Reputation Is One of the Most Important Assets You Can Have”

Five Motivational Quotes to Live By

Motivation and inspiration come in spurts and intermittently, respectively. We experienced this quite a lot in 2022. But we have found that motivation and inspiration come a lot easier when you have some select quotes or phrases at your disposal. Since we were in graduate school, we relied on a few select TV series toContinue reading “Five Motivational Quotes to Live By”

Seven Incredibly Simple Daily Habits That Can Improve Your Life

When you wake up, you do one of the following three things: 1) look at your phone’; 2) go to the bathroom; or 3) make a cup of coffee or have breakfast. Whether you do one of these three things in the morning now, you have done them at some point in your life. WeContinue reading “Seven Incredibly Simple Daily Habits That Can Improve Your Life”

Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Destroying Your Mental Health

Last month, we noticed several people releasing posts on comparisons. Those posts were good and even helpful, but that got us thinking about our own experiences with our peers, social media, and our life trajectories. Have you ever noticed a friend on Instagram who is living it up in Dubai or a recent career updateContinue reading “Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Destroying Your Mental Health”

Does Someone Have Your Back?: Loyalty and Why It Matters

We recently experienced a disappointment from a close friend who we thought was better. This disappointment, and an episode of Suits, got us thinking about loyalty. Has it disappeared? Does it really matter? To whom do we entrust our loyalty? These are fundamental questions that we want to answer in this post. This post willContinue reading “Does Someone Have Your Back?: Loyalty and Why It Matters”

Open-mindedness: Lack of Prominence Despite Its Importance

Over the last few months, we have observed and heard about several instances where a close-minded person has caused more harm than good. Whether it was personally, societally, or professionally, we recognized that most people are close-minded. As discouraging as that sounds, we would like to focus on its inverse: open-mindedness. This post will focusContinue reading “Open-mindedness: Lack of Prominence Despite Its Importance”

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