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The Book Club

Reading has become a lost art and oft-neglected form of entertainment and learning. As the amount information grows, the amount of time and energy we spend certain things shrinks. That is such a shame because learning does not merely come from listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video. While the time spent listening to another person’s takeaways from certain media lessens the strain on our brains, it paints half the picture. That old saying, “You can lead a horse to watch, but you make it drink”, has significant meaning in today’s world. Regardless, we at Rocking Specter believe that reading goes a long way in helping society think for itself and determine what’s important. Since success takes time, we only find it fitting that we offer as much help as possible. If you want some good book suggestions check out this page to see what we recommend you read to get the most out of life. Without further ado, welcome to the Book Club.

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